We have been teaching workshops in DC and Virginia for the past year. By demand, we are taking our program on the road. To reach as many participants as possible, with the goal of teaching more than 500 women in person, we are grateful to our sponsors and their donations of event space, lodging, marketing, and financial support for our 16-city tour. Thank you for your generosity.

Keep reading to find out how you can become an individual or company sponsor, and learn why you would want to help out!




Our workshops are primarily sponsored by industry professionals. If you are a realtor, mortgage broker, developer, retail supplier, or event space who wants to sponsor - we want to hear from you!

Friends, you can help, too!

We are also supported by our friends, workshop participants, and enthusiastic members of our greater communities. Every little bit of financial support counts! It takes a lot to get this national workshop tour to come together. We are most grateful to independent individuals who are able to give a general contribution in support of this project. (Sorry, it’s not tax deductible.) $20 buys us a meal. $30 covers a night at camp. $40 covers a tank of gas.

Why Sponsor?

In spite of 37% less purchase power, single women are buying homes at 2x the rate of men. Yet, many miss out on amazing purchase opportunities because they are intimidated by the rehab process. On top of that, more than half of the homes in the US are in need of major repair. Our Home Renovation Workshop was created to help people looking to buy and who already own have more confidence in the home maintenance and home improvement process.

Our core home renovation workshop is designed by women, for women, and open to all. Attendees are ethnically diverse and span the ages of 28-70, most of whom are working professionals. The majority of participants are women, and two-thirds are already homeowners. They are hungry for practical resources and information on how to successfully take on major home improvement projects. Ninety-eight percent of our participants say they feel both more informed and more prepared for their home renovation.

We greatly appreciate your interest and support. Please share our Sponsor Letter if you believe a company in your area might be a good sponsor fit.

Workshop in Richmond, VA at the Broad. Photo by Dena Sussman Photography.

Workshop in Richmond, VA at the Broad. Photo by Dena Sussman Photography.